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Winter Fellowship
by Alec F.

Hello Everyone!

Winter Fellowship is in a few weeks! Join us in Celebrating Perry the Marmots Birthday!  
(We forgot to celebrate it the last few years so here we are making up for it!)  

It will be held at Camp Pigott January 20-22, from 6:00pm to Sunday the 22th around noon. Look forward to fun, games, brotherhood and birthday celebrations.

You can sign up at:

There will be:
Legacy Auction, Custom T-shirt Station (bring your own t-shirts), A Scavenger Hunt, An Escape Room, Field games, Open Climb at the Climbing Tower, A Marmot Party, and a Brotherhood Ceremony for those looking to seal their membership.

Can’t Wait to see you there!


Winter Fellowship
January 20th - 22nd, Camp Pigott
6:00 pm Friday - 12:00 pm Sunday

Lodge Executive Commitee
February 1st, Council Office & Zoom
7:00 pm - 9:00pm

Longhouse Work Party
February 11th, Camp Pigott
9:00 am - 4:00pm

Lodge Executive Commitee
March 1st, Council Office & Zoom
7:00 pm - 9:00pm

Legacy Service Project
March 11th

Lodge Executive Commitee
April 5th, Council Office & Zoom
7:00 pm - 9:00pm

Ashuk T'salil (Northern Trails)
Chief: Kyle R.
Adviser: Tomo Takahashi

Hyas Eena (Mt Tahoma)
Chief: Frankie M.
Adviser: Jeff Taylor

Hyiu Chuck (Aurora)
Chief: Brendan B.
Adviser: Kelly Whitehead

Lamonti Tupso Illahee (Alpine)
Chief: John B.
Adviser: Russell Schmidt
Making Waves in Ashuk T’Salil
(Get it, making waves in northern lakes? It’s a water joke)
By Sean S.

The OA and its ideals can be quite intimidating. How does one make a positive impact on the world through Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, Service, and Servant Leadership? Usually, it is through the simple medium of a good turn. Each positive influence you have will be very hard for you to see yourself, but know that it does exist. The strongest effect of your actions is simply reminding others of the natural goodness in us that should be shared with all. The more people that act in this way, the more good turns that will be performed, thus encouraging greater numbers still to love one another.

By simply being present in a community, or lake in the analogy of this article’s title, and bringing the virtues taught by Scouting and the Order into whatever you do there, you will inspire great waves of change.

Which brings us to the true moral of the story: Attend chapter meetings! Being present at these meetings is a great way to re-dedicate yourself to the high principles that will improve the world and to learn of opportunities to spread them through Service or Inductions. If the meetings aren’t fun, then take an active role, plan something fun, and get Arrowmen to show up, because everything becomes fun-er with more people!

If you’re in Ashuk T’Salil Chapter (Northern Trails district), join us next Thursday, January 12th at Bear Creek Methodist Church for making snowballs, food, games, info on service opportunities and events, carpool planning, and some training!

Mountain Service Area Klondike with LTI
By John B.


From the 27th to the 29th of this month LTI will be running the Mountain Service Area Klondike at Camp Koinonia in Cle Elem. We are opening up staffing for Klondike to the lodge to anyone who would like and come help over the weekend. There are limited spots available so be quick about signing up. I look forward to seeing you there.

Staff Sign-up link:

If you have any fruther questions please reach out to (John B.) and (Russell Schmidt)


Mox Kar-Po (Kitsap)
Chief: Simon S.
Acting Adviser: Matt Strother

Siam Chetwoot (Mt Olympus)
Chief: Davis K.
Adviser: Anne Kanters

Sunyakwa (Lake Shores)
Chief: Jack U.
Acting Adviser: Randy Ogata

Kwahnice (Duwamish)
Please contact the Lodge Adviser John Riekena for info.
 Lodge Officers

Drew S.
Lodge Chief
Adviser – John Riekena

Noah C.
Adviser – Helen Young

Sophia S.
Adviser – Lisa Clise

Alec F.
Activities Vice Chief
Adviser – Patrick Rendt

Caroline R.
Inductions Vice Chief
Adviser – Torin Bergsma

Ethan F.
Service Vice Chief
Adviser – Brent Schmidt

To contact any Lodge Officer or their Adviser, please go to 

There is still time to sign up to Volunteer at Camp Sheppard!

If you are interested in helping Winter Camp at Camp Sheppard there is still time to sign up. For more information and to sign up, go to

Have an article you want published in the Marmot's Whistle?
By Noah C.

Anyone can write an article for the Marmot’s Whistle! We would love to hear about your time at any OA event, Scouting function, or you can even write a letter to Perry. It doesn’t have to be long, two sentences and a picture is great. 

To be featured in the current months issues please submit articles by the Friday after LEC meetings (LEC Meetings are the first Wednesday of the Month). You can submit articles by sending the to Noah C. (Noah C.).


What to submit an article for the Marmot's Whistle?

Anyone can write an article for the Marmot’s Whistle. We would love to hear about your time at any OA, or you can even write a letter to Perry. It doesn’t have to be long, two sentences and a picture is great. Articles are due the Friday after LEC meetings (LEC Meetings are the first Wednesday of the Month). Articles can be summited any time by sending them to the Secretary. 

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