The wnlslogoeekend before Thanlsgiving our Lodge sent a team of 12 youth and 5 adults down to Portland to participate in the Western Regional NLS and NLATS. Thanks to great support from the lodge and section we became the second most represented lodge in attendance, the only lodge that had more people was the host lodge! This is a remarkable achievement as even two years ago we only had 4 youth attend. A big thank you to all the participants and drivers!

The annual banquet was held again at North Seattle Community College, after the PTC and LLD sessions. The Banquet was a huge success this year, with great food, and the guest speaker was Bruce Anderson, the architect who designed our longhouse.

banquet2013Awards were given to select individuals who held various positions in the past, like chapter leadership, lodge leadership, vigil class, and founder’s awards. Recognition was also given to people who were a great help in winter camp, and ordeals. We hope to see you again next year.

Fall Rally was an excellent event this year, there were games, food, and fun all around the weekend, as well as the inductions training that is crucial to having a quality chapter and lodge as a whole.


50 lodge members attended the 4 class sessions offered by the lodge leadership, including ceremonies, elections, and Native American carving.

The food was excellently prepared by our chef Dale Clark, and we look forward to seeing more of him. Don’t miss our next big lodge event, Spring Fellowship.

On November 2nd, 2013, 15 chappoleupster members installed the Ashuk T’salil totem pole at Camp Pigott next to the longhouse. Chapter chief Peter S. led the procession as chapter members carried the 15 foot pole, which took 2 years to carve and paint. The pole was raised and blessed by Del Loder. 70 guests and lodge members participated in the potlatch ceremony where many gifts were given to special guests who greatly supported the pole from start to finish. This was the newest chapter pole since 1993 and the chapter is proud to see the pole up apoleraisedsmong the rest.

This year, the Lodge Leadership Development is being held in conjunction with the Councilbanquet_promo Program and Training Conference on Saturday, October 19th at North Seattle Community College. As well as teaching several general sessions for the PTC, the Lodge will be running a full slate of classes on subjects ranging from how to run an OA Chapter to breakout sessions with the Lodge officers. This event is a must for all Chapter officers, chairmen, and advisers! Better yet, the event is FREE and lunch is included!

The Annual OA Banquet follows the day of training and is still only $20. The price goes up to $30 on Saturday, October 12th so register now!


Over the summer, the Sunyakwa chapter repainted their old totem pole. The paint had been worn down, it was flaking off in multiple places, and this made the totem pole look very dull. So, the chapter, seizing this opportunity sent their leaders up to Camp Pigott to repaint their totem pole. They used the original colors of black, red, white, and blue, but made minor detail changes to some of the totem pole colors. polebefore

Sunyakwa means the "side where the sun rises" or "east side". The totem has a Sun-Raven that symbolizes the rising sun. It also features three coppers that symbolize the wealth of our land.

To find out more about the chapter totem poles visit the longhouse section of the website:


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