Section Awards

Teaquan Wask

The Teaquan Wask Award is our section’s highest award. It is intended to be awarded to no more than four Arrowmen per year, at least half of which must be youth. These Arrowmen are selected for their extraordinary service towards Conclave. These Arrowmen should be people without whom Conclave would not have succeeded. The recipients are selected by the Section Chief in consultation with the Section Adviser. The intent is for this to be a “once in a lifetime” award.

The Section (currently W-1N) has recognized the following T’Kope Kwiskwis members for their service:

1985Ken Hayashi
1990Jerry Jazbec
1991Aaron BigbyRichard MeeksLarry Garrett
1992Marshal HagenKen Hayashi
1993James Bach
1995Marshal Hagen
1996Michael Engan
1998Steve Cupples
2000Michael Aylesworth
2001James Riekena
2003Joe Riekena
2004Joel DelacruzJohn Riekena
2005Justin JurgensPaul Tankovich
2006Rob Rosamond
2012Chris Zantek