Hello Everybody,

As the weather gets colder and winter begins to set in, it’s time we look towards OA volunteering at Camp Sheppard!

Camp Sheppard is our Council’s Winter Camp where scouts can have fun in a camp tucked between the mountains and snow. The camp’s program includes scout activities themed towards the snowy climate. As an OA volunteer you will be assisting and teaching in a variety of different areas like Nature, Shooting Sports, Scout Skill and more.

Winter Camp sessions start January 8th and continue every weekend until March 12th, some weekend being Cub Scouts and others being Scouts BSA. So there are many opportunities to help out our council camp.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer please use the forms link provided below.

Until 11/30/22 we ask that you only sign up for a maximum of TWO weekends so others may get a chance to sign up. After the one week time please use the email sent to you to update your form response.

Sign-up link: OA Winter Camp Volunteer Sign-Up


 After you sign-up using the form, wait to receive a confirmation email approving you for that current weekend. Because of space limitations at camp you might be asked to sign-up for a different weekend, sorry for the inconvenience.


When your weekend has arrived please arrive at the Camp Sheppard parking lot at 6pm Friday evening and the plan is to be done at 12pm Sunday. 

Remember when packing that this is a WINTER camp so it will be cold. It is important that you pack for the weather and bring warm clothes.

Important items to pack are:

-Med forms, A and B

-Warm sleeping bag

-Winter gear (waterproof boots, pants and a warm jacket)

-10 essentials

-OA sash

If your desired weekend is full or you have a sudden change please contact the Service Vice Chief for any questions and concerns. 

Thank you everyone for your dedication to cheerful service within our lodge.

Yours in Service,

Ethan F.