Spring Fellowship (2022)

Here in the T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge we want to ensure that every Arrowmen has many opportunities to live out the 3 main ideals of the Order of the Arrow: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. Through our Ordeal weekends, Legacy Projects, and volunteer opportunities at council camps our lodge always does a great job at giving back Cheerful Service to our Council and community.

However, we all sometimes need a break to just sit back a bit and have fun which is why we are putting on our annual Spring Fellowship from May 13th-15th!
To ensure that everyone has plenty of opportunities for Brotherhood & Cheerfulness, the Lodge Executive Committee has decided that the theme for this event shall be Tailgate Games! This means that for this event we will be having loads of tailgate types of games as the focus, with the addition of some larger games to keep everything interesting. (The Lodge Officers are excited for the Chapter Games!)

In addition to all the fun that we will be having, Lodge Elections will also happen at Spring Fellowship!
All youth attending Spring Fellowship will get to run for Lodge Office, or just have the chance to vote for who will be in charge of the lodge for the next year. More information on this will come out closer to the event.

Spring Fellowship:

When: May 13th-15th, 2022
Where: Camp Pigott
Cost: $25
Register Now: https://seattlebsa.tentaroo.com/admin2/eventtypes/5742/OA-Spring-Fellowship