August 11th–13th, 2023
Lost Lake Scout Camp
Fairbanks, Alaska

The Section G15 team is very excited to be sharing details about this year’s Conclave. Conclave is being hosted by Toontuk Lodge at Lost Lake Scout Camp near Fairbanks, Alaska on August 11th-13th, 2023. We recognize that Fairbanks is quite a distance for Arrowmen in Washington, which is why it is especially important for our Washington Lodges to establish contingents for this event. This packet should provide you with all of the details you need to start promoting Conclave attendance within your Lodge and establish a contingency with plenty of time to coordinate how you will get Arrowmen to Lost Lake.

What is Conclave?

Seems like a pretty basic question, but a lot of new Arrowmen would not know the answer. Conclave is an annual event put on by our Section which gathers Arrowmen in celebration of fellowship and the accomplishments of the previous year. Conclave is a great place to expand your Scouting experience, have fun, and get to know Arrowmen from outside of your Lodge. Conclave is also where we elect our Section officers for the following year. So, it is important to attend if you want to run for Section office and it is just as important to attend if you want to have a say in who wins Section office.

The theme for this year’s Conclave is Expedition Fairbanks and our message is North to the Future. This year’s Conclave will provide a truly unique experience unlike any other Conclave we have held before. Arrowmen will be able to “choose their own adventure” for how they want to spend their weekend in Alaska, with multiple opportunities to adventure outside of camp and explore local attractions.

Time until Conclave

Welcome to Conclave!
If you take photos during the weekend, we would love to add them to our collection. You can send photos to