No new photos today. Last week we showed the footings. They give the outline of the building in a very concrete way. One can finally see the actual size of the structure. One of the contractors has taken the trees we selected from the camp property, off site and has started the prep work for the main support columns. Another contractor is currently placing the plumbing rough-ins, heating lines and fire pit gas line; all the things that will be hidden under the floor slab. The main foundation slab will be poured in the next week or so, if the weather continues to be nice. Framing is scheduled to start on the 22nd of October.

photolhfootingsConstruction of the physical building begins! After the initial site prep the first thing to happen was the excavation for the footings and the foundation. Forms were constructed for the footings and the cement poured. Here is a photo of the completed footings for the building.

Site prep is almost finished. The area for the foundation was cleared and leveled. The architect has staked out the corners of the building and one thing is clear; the new longhouse will be an impressive structure that will serve Scouts and Scouters for years to come! Some of the poles were moved to make room for the building. These will be put back up after construction is finished. Next step is digging for the footings and foundation.

Some exciting thing occurred this last week. On Thursday the Board of the Chief Seattle Council unanimously approved the final building plans for the longhouse. This allows the Supreme Chief of the Fire, Sharron Moulds, to sign contracts with the builders so that actual construction can begin. There were some positive changes to the building that needed to be approved, including an upgraded roofing system.

Power lines have been run up to the site and the hill side has been excavated. Also, the first section of the drainage system was built below the hill.


Ground work is continuing at the site. The last fire hydrant is in place and the utility trenches are now filled in. Some of the hillside has been moved and the emergency vehicle turnaround is beginning to take shape.