While the work on the foundation and framing were taking place a different crew was working on the support logs. The main posts were selected and taken from the camp property earlier this year. They will be installed here in the month of November.


The walls started going up this past week. Sign up for Fall Rally for a tour of the site!

slab_pourA major milestone was passed this week! The concrete pad was poured covering the insulation, heating pipes and rebar. The concrete was dyed a brownish color to simulate a more earthen look rather than the natural grey of cement. Next, once the concrete cures for a while, is the framing!
longhouseconstruction025Updates are coming fast and furious now as work on the longhouse is booming. The first day of framing got underway and the front of the house is already set to be raised.
hydro_linesoct16_lh_conThe tubes for the radiant heating system were laid down this past week along with a hefty vapor barrier. In addition work continued on the rough- ins for heat, sewer and water. Next up is the slab for the floor!rebar_foundation