Since the beginning of the E. Packard Longhouse, Chapters were encouraged to carve and raise their own totem poles. Over the past 40 years some have been lost, some survive and new ones have been raised.

There are currently eight Chapter totem poles at the longhouse site. The committee has now identified all eight, seven are standing, one is down, but protected from the elements. poles_lots_of_them

Once the new longhouse has been constructed, Chapters will once again be encouraged to either restore their current pole or design, carve and erect a new one.

In addition to the chapter poles a Dedicatory Totem honoring the Spirit of Ed Packard was carved, this 7' welcoming figure is safe and stored at the Camp Brinkley Compound. It will need some minor repair before it can return to the longhouse site.


Key For Old Site Plan

1. Yakala

2. Klahanie

E. Entrance Pole

3. Hyas Eena

4. Talapus Tillicum

5. Kiskis

6. Sunyakwa

7. Ashuk T'Salil

8. "Welcome Figure" or Dedicatory Totem