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KisKis' and Siem Chetwoot
kiskis_web_1 kiskis-web-2

The pole for the old Kiskis' Chapter stands on the right hand side of the building next to the old location of the Talapus Tillicum Pole and the unidentified pole with the whale on top.

The pole is in moderate to poor condition, and has a small huckleberry bush growing out of the top.

The two figures represent Blue Jay or Kiskis', the equivalent to raven for the Salish peoples, and a man holding a potlatch hat.








The newest of the totem poles was raised in 1992 by the Siem Chetwoot Chapter. It occupies the spot on the right hand of the longhouse where the Sunyakwa pole once stood

It features many men and human faces intermingled with the main crests The top crest is that of Eagle. Eagle is behind a man with a large potlatch hat. Below Eagle is a story teller with a speaking staff. Below him is what is believed to be a Siam Chetwoot, a Bear,  who also hold another man with a large potlatch hat. This man however also holds a copper.

The pole is in very good condition and may just need cleaning.