klahanie_1klahanie-2The pole of the now defunct Klahanie Chapter has a raven gracing its top with a happy bear and a beaver representing brotherhood and cheerful service.

The pole is in poor condition. It was moved several years ago from its old original position, just to the left of the longhouse, to beside the Sunyakwa pole's original location in what would become the Siem Chetwoot spot in the early 1990's.
















The pole of the Sunyakwa chapter is currently the tallest pole, other than the Hillaire entrance pole. It was one of the original poles that stood were the Siem Chetwoot pole now stands. It was taken down in the 1980s for refurbishment but only recently restored, sporting a new beak and wings. It now is on the left hand side of the longhouse facing any visitors as they would approach from the candidate trail.

Sunyakwa means the "side where the sun rises" or "east side". The totem has a Sun-Raven that symbolizes the rising sun. It also features three coppers that symbolize the wealth of our land.