yakala-web1yakala-web2Only part of the Yakala pole, one of the original and once one of the tallest, has survived the years. The lone eagle, the crest of the Yakala, stood atop a 20' pole to the left of the Packard longhouse. It was the farthest left chapter pole at that time. The Sunyakwa pole now stands close to were the Yakala bird once flew.

The Yakala eagle has been removed from the elements and place next to the Hillaire pole, under cover, waiting to be restored












The totem pole from the great Hyas Eena chapter is in good condition. It features a Raven, a man, and of course a beaver, the crest of the Hyas Eena Chapter. There is also a plaque that dedicated the pole to those who helped raise it.

The Hyas Eena pole was the closest chapter poles to the right of the longhouse, next to the old Talapus Tillicum pole. . Being one of the original chapters, the beaver,  too is featured on the Hillaire entrance pole.