Ashuk T'Salil

Our research has uncovered three poles that are now feared completely "lost". The first is the Ashuk T'Salil pole. It use to stand, according to an old site plan, on the right hand side of the longhouse as you faced the building. It was the farthest pole on the right next to the original site of the Sunyakwa pole. The following is a description of the Ashuck T'Salil pole:

    "The top figure represents the clan of the Silver Marmot. The cross bar is called the people ladder showing the 10 chapters working together. Below the ladder is the Grizzly Bear showing indomitable outdoor spirit of the Chapter. The man with the copper signifies the wealth and resources of the chapter. The total totem shows the relationship to the lodge and the uniqueness in the lodge of the Chapter."

Ken H shared this photo of the old Ashuck T'Salil pole in March 2013.

Talapus Tillicum pole

1992-scw-and-tat-poleswebThe second "lost" pole is the Talapus Tillicum pole. It had only one figure that of the wolf. Talapus Tillicum means the wolf people. It stood between the Hyas Eena and the Kiskis' pole as you faced the longhouse on the right side. It was taken down in the 1980's and lost in the 1990's during restoration.

Third Lost Pole

Recently while doing research on the lost pole of the Talapus Tillicum Chapter lodge member B. Noonan shared some old photographs. In one of the old photographs was a totem pole that the lodge leadership had never seen before, nor has it been mentioned in any of the lodge records that are currently available. This is why we need your help!

black_fish_pole_missingWe currently believe the pole is of a whale due to the blunt "wolf like" head, however the crest lacks a dominate dorsal fin and an obvious blowhole, so there is a chance it might be a stylized salmon. It was carved after 1963 and was lost before the mid 1980's. The bottom starts with a round tooth filled head then it is shaped like the side of a fish tapering to a flat vertical tail. There is a yellow painted vertebrate design on the sides, and a carving on top of the back that is hard to discern from the photo. It almost looks like a chain of frogs.

If you have any information or more photographs concerning these lost relics please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your help in preserving the lodge's history!