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Longhouse Update May 2010

Brothers, the Longhouse Committee has been working hard and can report great progress towards our goal. The site evaluations for the preliminary permit requirements have been completed. These evaluations include wetland studies, geo-testing and perc tests. Permit building plans are complete, and this will allow us to move ahead in the permit application with the county. We have selected several large and gracious cedar trees that will become the main support columns in the building. Soon we will be honored to have the trees blessed by our friends in the 1st Nations community before they are taken down. This is an important link from the old to the new with sensitivity to Native American customs.

Unselfish leadership and service have brought us to within $70,000 of our goal to start construction this spring. Your timely contribution and support can assure restoration of our solemn place of friendship. Please join us now in this extraordinary opportunity and consider a tax deductible donation to the Longhouse fund. Your gift will help secure and sustain this treasured resource that Scouts of today and tomorrow can share with experience like no other.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates.