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New (Old) Watchmen

2009fellowship008On the Saturday morning of the Spring Fellowship in June of 2009 members of the T'Kope Kwiskwis lodge finished placing two welcoming figures along the candidate trail that will lead to the new longhouse. The three part project started in November at Inductions weekend when members moved the poles from the longhouse site to near their final locations. Then at the May Ordeal a small team of dedicated longhouse enthusiasts poured the concrete and set the metal bracers. Finally at Fellowship mostly youth members did the final positioning and raising of the now welcoming figures.


The first is 10 yards from the road, on a corner of the path, just at a spot where the longhouse reveals it's self to the hiker, directly behind the pole. The second one is at the top of the switch back of the old access road where the candidate trail continues up the hill. The next time you are up at Camp Pigott check out the new monuments.

The poles themselves used to adorn each side of the old Packard Longhouse. They sat 8' off the ground on poles and rose above the roof line. However time and weather took their toll on the Watchmen. They were severely rotted and decayed and were deemed too lost to be re-used on the new building, unlike the main entrance pole. The lodge then decided to use them along the candidate trail and let them age gracefully rather than abandoning our two friends.2009fellowship014

We wished to thank everyone involved with the project; including the 60 arrowmen that helped in November, the handful in May, and all the participants of Spring Fellowship, and especially Dave Wilding (LTI) and Joel Delecruz (WWT) who acted as technical advisers at the various stages of the mission.