The lodge will be offering hybrid Inductions Weekends in April and June. We are holding off final plans for the August Ordeal in hopes for a fully in-person event. 


Date                   Location        Registration Deadline    Link

April 16th-17th

Camp Pigott

April 7th 

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June 4th-5th

Camp Parsons

May 26th 

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August 27th-29th

Camp Sheppard

August 27th 

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What does a hybrid Inductions Weekend look like?

Friday night, candidates will participate in an online ceremony that will kick off the Ordeal experience, and will begin to take part in the challenges of the Ordeal.

Saturday morning, candidates will arrive at one of our council camps where they will participate in a day of service work and they will complete the ordeal with a ceremony confirming their place in the order. 


There are just a few things you will need to know to make it groovy as it can be. The ordeal is meant to be a time of reflection and since we are unable to follow the letter of the law, we want to help you get as close to the spirit of the law as possible.

Additional Test Information

Inductions Test Message.