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Grand Opening of the Longhouse
Monday, 01 July 2013 00:00

lodge_chief_cutting_zee_ribbonOn the weekend of April 19th the lodge hosted a three day gala event to open the new longhouse at Camp Pigott.

The weekend started with a member's only program Friday night. The audience was treated to a retelling of the legend of the Order by the members of the Lodge's Ceremonies, Dance and Storytelling Team. The lodge unveiled a new blanket set to commemorate the dedication and other ceremonial items. There were speeches and performances of some of the Lodge's songs and dances. The evening capped off with an unforgettable Brotherhood ceremony; one of the first in the new building.

At the break of dawn on Saturday saw almost 100 Vigil honor members gather for a special meeting of reflection and inspiration. Saturday was filled with fellowship and service to get ready for the big ribbon cutting.
Saturday's events included the planting of the Del Loder tree at the Longhouse site, a special blessing from members of the local native community, the actual ribbon cutting and special time for speeches and reflections on the project and the new building.

The day's events built into a crescendo as families and guests arrived for the Salmon dinner and final Saturday night show where we thanked the donors and the people who made the building possible.

A sincere thank you to all the donors and the Longhouse Construction Committee whose efforts over the past 12 years made this dream a reality.
Thank You

Click here for photos of the event


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