restorationinprgs2On September 11th at the Longhouse Groundbreaking ceremony, the well-known Entrance Pole to the original Longhouse was dedicated to Joe Hillaire. Joe was a Master Carver and activist of the Lummi Tribe who was commissioned by the Lodge to carve the pole designed by William Holm. The proud pole was erected and dedicated along with the longhouse in 1962.  After the S. Edmund Packard Memorial Longhouse was deconstructed in 2002, the pole stayed standing; until 2005 when the restoration of the pole began. Now, after 40-plus years of weathering and looking like new, the Joe Hillaire Entrance Pole will soon stand once again, and serve this great Lodge for many more years.

To find out more information about the Joe Hillaire Entrance Pole of the S. Edmund Packard Memorial Longhouse, please visit the Longhouse page of the T’kope Kwiskwis website.

Our fundraising for the new Longhouse is almost complete. Help us cross the finish line!

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The annual Council Program and Training Conference will again be held at North Seattle Community College on October 16. The Lodge is looking for volunteers to help man the T’Kope Kwiskwis info booth as well as provide service for the event. If you are interested, plan on arriving by 6:30 AM and expect to provide cheerful service until mid-afternoon.  Lunch is provided.  If you’re not able to be there the whole day, we’d love to see you for a few hours!

national_outdoor_badgesHello Arrowmen of T’Kope Kwiskwis,


I am your Lodge Service Vice Chief writing to inform you about a great new award program that is provided by National for You, the Youth of Boy Scouts. This program is called the National Outdoor Badge, it is designed to cover five major activities: Camping, Hiking, Aquatics, Riding and Adventure. These awards are designed to really test your discipline and toughness in forcing you to do more than is required for other awards. The reason I bring up this great program is because I can help you earn some of those badges! The requirements for the camping badge for instance require twenty-five nights of camping, with six days being a consecutive camping trip. The “Where To Go Camping Guide” is a perfect place to find cool places to fill out those camping trips! Follow this link to take a look: . In addition I can provide service project opportunities for you to help you earn a 50-miler award. For more information on the National Outdoor Badge program see the requirements here:


Mat. A.

Lodge Service Vice-Chief

elangomat_patchThe April 3rd-5th 2009 Ordeal at Camp Pigott marked the official kickoff of the new Elangomat Award program. In order to earn this special limited edition lodge flap that tells the world that you are a great Elangomat, members must have cheerfully served as an Elangomat starting at that ordeal. Now the T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge is proud to announce the next two recipients of the Elangomat Award.

The Elangomat award is the same as the lodge flap but with a Silver Mylar border.
Congratulations to the most recent recipients:

From the Sunyakwa Chapter - Clay M
From the Sahaptin Mox Khan'-nice - Dylan EC B

peter_h_2009_2010_lodge_chiefIn an impressive fashion 2010 became the third year in a row that T'Kope Kwiskwis is a Quality Lodge. Congratulations to our chapter and lodge leadership who tirelessly gave cheerful service and guided us this entire year.

This third award in a row is unprecedented in Lodge history and is extremely difficult to achieve given the requirements require positive growth every single year and a 30% brotherhood conversion rate.

Quality program = Quality Lodge

bh_hood_burk_smallWe encourage everyone to congratulate our latest brothers who sealed their membership in the Order by going through the Brotherhood Ceremony in the month of June 2010. These brothers helped put us over the top of our 30% goal for Quality Lodge! We ended the year by welcoming 92 new Brotherhood members in 2010 or a conversion rate of 32%!

These are the brothers who got us over the finish line:

Congratulations to our new lodge officers who were elected this past weekend at the Spring Fellowship at Camp Pigott.  The officers officially take their new positions on July 1, 2010.

  • Lodge Chief: Brian S.
  • Secretary: Ian B.
  • Treasurer: Garrett J.
  • Activities Vice Chief: Chris Z.
  • Inductions Vice Chief: Logan C.
  • Service Vice Chief: Mat A.
And a big THANK YOU to Peter H., Keith P., Garrett J., Chris Z., Ryan M., and Evan S. for leading another Quality Lodge year!