allowat_sakima_parsons_smallWe encourage everyone to congratulate our latest brothers who sealed their membership in the Order by going through their Brotherhood Ceremony in April and May. These ceremonies were held at our two ordeals, Camporees and at the Section Conclave.

If it's been 10 months since your ordeal and you want to step up to the Brotherhood, there are several opportunities left this year. For more information contact your Troop/Team Rep, or your chapter leadership.

The last chance to get your brotherhood is on the Saturday of the Parsons Ordeal June 7th and the Friday of the Spring Fellowship, June 20th at Camp Pigott.

These are our laudable brothers:

Alfred G
Conner W
James B
Joshua C
Michael G
Patrick R
William W
Edward T
Garrett D
Hiro S
Rajan P
Derek R
Jamal J
Jazz W
Keenen K
Sean Michael D
Sebastian M
Tom B
William H
Nathan A
Angela A
Cooper H
Corbin M
Jacob T
John L
Matt B

Congratulations to you all!